Dirty Talking Women Love to Role Play

dirty talking womenDid you know dirty talking women love to role play? I enjoy sexy little role plays in and out of the bedroom. I have no limits on or off the phone, so when this young guy I picked up last night wanted to call me mommy, I was like hell yes. I fuck my own son, so why not pretend to be his mother too? I think he was still in the Halloween spirit. He started in with all this supernatural talk at the bar and was still on a roll back in my trailer. He is a horror fan and even though Halloween has come and gone, he is still watching scary films. He started talking about this supernatural movie he watched the other night about a Ouija board. He got hard thinking of a succubus possessing his mother and turning her into his sex slave. I was game. I am not much of an actress, but I know something about a mother fucking her son. I am just not a straight-laced mom, nor have I ever been, lol.  I put on a trashy Frederick’s of Hollywood red teddy. I pulled his cock out of his boxers and said, “Mommy’s hungry.” I went down on his cock. He acted like he was in shock seeing his prudish mom dressed like a whore giving him head. I fucked him for hours. Rode his cock until I drained the cum out of his balls. It was fun pretending I was possessed by a horny demon. I fuck my son and my daughter. I have for years. So, it was not a stretch for me to imagine myself as a horny mom in need of boy dick.  That is not art. This is life! Hey guys. I am just a horny old broad. Whatever I got to do to get laid, I will do it. Even if it means role playing a succubus possessed mommy.

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