Dirty Talking Women Love To Talk Nasty All Day To Get Some Dick

When I want a cock, baby, I want it bad. I’ll do anything to get my hands on one, and I mean anything. I’ll dress up all sexy, put on my best pair of heels, and strut my stuff until I find the right guy.

Once I’ve got him hooked, I’ll start in with the dirty talk. I’ll tell him how much I love the feel of a hard cock against my skin, and how much I wanna suck on it until he’s good and ready. I’ll promise to take him deep, all the way down to the balls if that’s what he wants.

And when it comes time to fuck, oh baby, I’m gonna ride that cock like there’s no tomorrow. I’ll moan and groan and beg for more, all while taking him as deep as I can. I’ll bounce on his dick like it’s a pogo stick, and squeeze my pussy around him tight.

And when it’s time to cum, well, that’s when things get really

interesting. I’ll beg for that hot cum, telling him how much I love the taste of it. I’ll promise to swallow every drop if that’s what he wants, and maybe even ask him to cum all over my face.

Afterwards, I’ll cuddle up to him, letting him know how much I enjoyed our little session. And then, I’ll start planning my next dirty trick or filthy word to use on the next guy. Because let’s face it, when you’re a trailer trash whore like me, there’s always room for more cock.

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