Dirty Talking Women love watching family fun

Dirty talking woman love to see young family members getting fucked. Just like I got rammed by mine. So when I heard noises and whimpering moans coming from my son’s room, I went to investigate. When I took a peek through the door I could see my son was rucking his youngest cousin. She is a small little thing and her holes are even smaller. But somehow my son had forced his cock into her tight bald cunty.

My son was ramming her hard. You would have thought he was fucking his paid hooker. But it was his young little cousin and she was taking it. It was as if they had done this before. Therefore I kept watching. My son grabbed her by the hair and was using that to pull her back onto his cock even more. As if he was making sure he got deep in her guts. No wonder she was whimpering and moaning. you could see his big cock poking out her body. My cunt was moist and starting to drip.

Dirty Talking Women

That is why I just starred to ginger fuck myself to the view of her little hole getting stretched out. My fingers started pumping my mom cunt just like my son was doing to his little cousin’s pussy. Finally I thought he was going to cum. Instead he pulled his cock out and started to rub her clitty while rubbing his cock on her little asshole. So I walked in and positioned myself right by her mouth. “Lick aunty little whore” I say as my son started to push inside her butt hole.

As soon as he was all the way deep in her butt, my son started ramming her hard just like he was doing her pussy. “Show me how you take it and make me cum too” i moan as my son fucks her butt hard.  Finally my son moans out “mom I’m about to fill her up”. Then he started pumping his sperm in her booty. “You’re not done yet” I moaned as I grabbed my niece’s head and pushed it into my pussy more. I wasn’t going to let her stop until I gave her a mouth full.

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