Dirty Talking Women Loves Sexy Fun

Making daddy dick hard with my sweet voice is my favortie thing to do! It’s so fun and such a turn on to know you get nice and rock hard just by me being one of your hot dirty talking women. Now that I have all your horny daddy attention let me tell you a naughty story!When I was just a bit younger, my mommy took me out to her favorite bar. She had always caught the older men looking at me and my tight, young body. They loved playing and tossing around my hair and little body! It felt so good and it was so much fun to have guy after guy showing me how hot they found me. Mommy made me her good little momey maker and was bought drink after drink for having her sweet one there for their entertainment.

Suddenly I was grabbed from behind and I smelled strong whiskey on his breath, she told me it would be okay and they were going to use me up for a little bit. I didn’t understand but I found out pretty soon when I was dragged into a back room and was stripped of all of my clothes that covered my little tits and I seen my pretty red panties tossed away into the corner of the room. 

I felt my pussy explode in pain and screamed while I had big daddy cocks over and over again. After they used my cunt up leaving me in a dripping mess, I started licking my juices off their dicks. They made me make their dicks as wet as I could and a big man came in, tossed me onto my hands and knees on the bed, he spread my cheeks and rammed his monster cock into my tight shit hole. Mommy never stopped bringing me there.

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