Dirty Talking Women Make Men Beg

You should know that us dirty talking women are all about controlling men and making them beg. I know that’s the truth for my girlfriends and myself, at least. We are hot fucking control freaks that love to humiliate guys that are less than manly. Seriously, if you have a thingy bob that is less than 7 inches then you are Not a true man. I swear you must have more estrogen than testosterone in your dna because smaller than 7 is really not a cock. How can you possibly expect to please any women with such a thing? I think it’s in your best interest to be a good pussy licker and make good money to keep a woman happy. I bet if she doesn’t cheat on you then she is probably more inclined to other women. It would be good of you to insist she take a lover. I know you would become increasingly turned on to be cuckolded by her and her new lovers. You can watch her get satisfaction and have orgasms like you never gave her. I bet you would become a really good creampie eater also, wouldn’t you? I know some hot phonesex humiliation will do you a world of good and you may or may not be allowed to touch yourself. It’s really all circumstantial in whether you will get to jerk off while we discuss your lack of manliness. Maybe you need to talk about the hung stallion that has been fucking your wife while you get hard and excited and need to jerk off while talking about the way that big black cock stretches your wife’s pussy into a gaping cream filled hole. You know how you can’t please her and love to watch her take the BBC that can please her. They both love to rub it in your face also. I will even bet you get to suck it.

Dirty talking women

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