Dirty Talking Women Make the Best Lovers

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women are hot. Some study said that women who swear are better lovers. I talk like a sailor. I fuck like one too. I am uninhibited. I love being that way too. I will never be some prissy woman who only fucks with the lights out. I am twice divorced because my husbands could not keep up with me. Nor did they want to try. I have a big libido. I am in my sexual prime and ready to fuck. My husbands had issues getting hard and staying hard. Fuck that shit. When I want to fuck, I expect a hard cock to be ready. If it is not ready, I will find another lover. Trust me, as a sexy cougar, I have no problem finding another lover. My lovers now are much younger than me. I am in my 50s, and most of my cubs are college aged boys. As a professor, I am around young studs daily. Every semester, I pick a teacher’s pet. This semester it is Juan. He is a Mexican American and first-generation college student. No one else in his family even speaks English. They are migrant workers. Juan got a full academic ride to a college of his choice in California. I tutor him, but he does not need the help. He is as smart as me. I guess you could say I tutor him in sex education. He has no game and no skills, but he does have a nice big brown cock. I measured him the other day. He was 10.5 inches. He thought he was just average for cock size, so I showed him pics of my two-exes. One was 4-inchs hard and the other 3-inches. We both had a good laugh then I fucked his brains out. I am teaching him stamina and how to eat pussy. I am grooming him to be my brown bull for tiny dick losers too.

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