Dirty Talking Women Make the Best Lovers

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are the best lovers. Did you know that? I used to get fined by my parents for every swear word. I talk like a sailor. I always have, likely always will. I have some validation now because some Harvard study concluded that women who swear a lot make the best lovers. I would have to agree with that actually. My sister is the church going, PTA , prim and proper kind of woman. She says darn it and feels bad. Needless to say, I fuck her husband. He seduced me about a year ago after finding me blowing my son. Actually, he threatened to blackmail me, but I don’t care about that. Most folks know I fuck my son anyway. He is over 18 now, so nothing can be done to me. However, I let my brother in law think that he could blackmail me because I wanted to fuck him. I don’t care for my sister much. She is the preachy know it all bitch kind. You know a woman like that; I am sure of that. I acted like I didn’t want to fuck him, but when I got his 9 inch fat cock up my cunt, I went crazy. We have been fucking like rabbits ever since. My son is a bit jealous, but this mommy phone sex slut will never stop fucking her son. His cock is not 9 inches, but he is my little mother fucker. I love taboo fucking. I guess that is why I fuck my brother in law behind my bitch of a sister’s back and I fuck my own son with no remorse or shame. Life is too short not to fuck all the cock you can, right? I bet you wish your wife was more like me, don’t you? Every man wants a slut in the bedroom.

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