Dirty Talking Women Make the Best Mommies

dirty talking womenDo you like dirty talking women? My sons sure do. In fact the fouler my mouth is the harder their little dicks become. They are especially fond of me saying words like cunt, snatch, twat and jizz. They say when I talk really dirty, it is like their mommy is a porn star. I have always cussed and talked graphically about what I want my boys to do to me. Even if it didn’t turn them on to hear things like “Fuck mommy’s twat you mother fuckers,” I would still do it because it turns me on. I love hearing words that polite society deems unacceptable or even derogatory. A dirty mind is a wonderful thing. I do more than dirty talk with my boys. I dirty fuck too. I tell them to fuck mommy’s asshole then tell them to let me suck the ass juice off their hairless young cocks. I tell them to call me a whore. I beg them to cum on mommy’s big fake tits  and up my shaved snatch. The dirtier I talk, the harder they fuck. And the harder they fuck, the wetter I get. Can you imagine how different your life would be if you had a dirty talking mommy like my boys?

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