Dirty Talking Women Make The Best Sissy Trainers



Perhaps you’ve never heard of me; if you’re either an Alpha cock looking for an exciting fuck with one of the hottest dirty talking women available, or you’re a sweet little sissy girl in need of some serious traininDirty Talking Womeng. I only let men with Bull dicks touch me, so if you’re smaller than nine inches, you can right fuck off. Sorry love, but I’m more than the Queen of the Sissy Trainers. I’m a cock sized queen who craves only the finest phallic fucking.

Sissy girls delight in the pleasure, pain, and training I gift them. I run a rather regal operation, and my girls all train up to be the finest ladies to ever entertain a court. They get dressed up just like cisgendered little girls. I go a step further with my sissies; we do hormone replacement therapy around here. You’ll become little trans ladies just like my good friends Carla and Josie. You start as femboy faggot beta bitches, but by the end of all this, you’ll be true blue women.

Some of you will get to keep those cocks of yours if they impress me enough. The rest of you will be having both top and bottom surgery, and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it. I’m going to turn you into my perfect little plaything. A lady of the court has to be able to entertain the Royal Guests of the Queen. You’ll have some cock training, very soon. Now, slut, get dressed and ring the phone. Your balls won’t grip themselves.

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