Dirty Talking Women Make Your Feel Special

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women with big tits are the best bitches around. I have a body built for sin. And I love to use it for sin too. I started my life off as daddy’s fuck slut. I graduated to hooker and porn star in my teens. I have done hardcore bondage photo shoots too. Now, I make my money still using my body. I do dirty sex calls, but I also escort and strip. I was at the club last night. It is weird to see men in the club sitting apart and wearing masks. A mask is all I wear in the club, LOL. I am getting used to showing off my big tits and ample ass wearing it. When we go into the VIP room, masks are on the floor. If the guy has a big wallet and a big cock, everything else is on the floor too. I fuck for money. Adam is an ex-baseball player. He was never a household name, but I knew who he was because I make it my business to know who the wealthy and handsome men are. He is a retired party bad boy and recently divorced. My guess was he was looking for a girl to fuck and party with for a while. I was aiming to be that girl. I can make any man feel like a king. I gave him my best moves and my best head. He had a wooden bat for a cock. Honestly, been awhile since I have seen a dick that big on a white man in his 50s. He pulled out a wad of cash, pointed to his dick and I went with it. I sucked him dry then I fucked him dry. He gave me his number and took mine. I have a new special arrangement. Now, can I make you feel like a king too?

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