Dirty Talking Women Make Your Incest Fantasies Seem Real

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women might be the best kind of women. I keep reading articles that say women with potty mouths are less inhibited. And to think, I never swore or even engaged in sex outside the marriage before my divorce. Now, I am a dirty mommy who talks like a sailor. And I really do too. I am always telling my family that my cunt needs their hard cocks. And it is true too. My son spoiled me. He saved me too. He and my daughter picked up the pieces after my horrible divorce.

I felt like such a train wreck. Since I was raised Mormon, a divorce ostracized me from the church and alienated me from my family. Even though the divorce was not my idea, folks still distanced themselves from me. My Mormon community, including my sister blamed me for my husband straying. If I had been a better wife, he would never have fucked a dozen tramps. But my son and daughter put me back together like Humpty Dumpty.

My Son and Daughter Healed Me with Incest Sex After My Divorce

Their special love for each other lead to me infiltrating their bond. For years while they still lived at home, we engaged in all sorts of family play. And our special love made me perfect to be a dirty mommy whore. I needed a job. My daughter was the one who suggested phone sex to me. I love talking to men just like you about my incest experiences. And I love helping you have some of your own.

Thanks to incest, I am enjoying life more in my 50s than I ever did in my 20s. My sons and daughter and I still fuck. And they gave me two little adorable, and healthy grand angels through incest too. But I also fuck my nephew now too. And I am remarried to a much younger man with a teenage son. Life has been good to this mommy whore. I think sometimes the bad shit that happens to us is for a reason. If I had never divorced my first husband, I would not be the mommy phone sex whore I am today.

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