Dirty Talking Women Masturbate on the Phone

dirty talking women

Roleplay with a dirty GILF! It’s true dirty talking women masturbate on the line with you. See, I am all about pussy pleasure and I won’t hold back with my toys or my fingers when we are talking! Even those short calls where I almost get to cum keeps me going till the next man who needs an older woman’s cunt! I get off on the same pervy shot you do, trust me. BBC lovers, age play incest. I am an older whore who delights in every fetish. But as a P-mommy from years back and incest lover, I know what really gets us off. P-men adore cunni and P-cock. So do I! 

It’s so much more than dirty phone ex for me. Its years of mommy and daughter and sons fucking. It’s making my daughters earn their keep and bringing me grandbrats so they can keep hooking. I adore the fact that men cum over them and my daughters all the while i am getting my pussy reamed buy one of my many sex toys. 

That brings something else up, men who use vibrators, pocket pussies and dildos on themselves. I fucking need more of that in my life! I recently bought my sissy like youngest son a butt plug and I don’t know why I didn’t do this years ago! I love using it to fuck his ass and suck his wee pee-pee! I am even teaching my grandbrats how to use lube and small objects to fuck themselves with. A cigar case, a mini hair brush handle, even ice cubes when Granny is playing. I love exploring all pleasure and fetishes with men who know exactly what they want! Cum over to nasty grannies house and see what we can get into. Your cock will thank you!

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