Dirty Talking Women Need to Teach Young Girls Their Worth

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are the only women you want in your life. A dirty mind makes a better lover. I love talking dirty on the phone and in the bedroom. However, as a mature woman, I only want to fuck men with big cocks. I am what you would call a size queen. Also, I fuck young boys with big cocks. I’m a college professor. I know things. My years give me wisdom in the bedroom that younger girls lack.

Although, I prefer cock to pussy, I will eat coed cunt too. Recently, I helped a young college girl understand her worth. Pretty girl and a smart one too. But sadly, until I intervened, her smarts were only book smarts. She dated this young college guy who treated her like shit. I witnessed it once, and intervened. Since her mom was back in Ohio, she needed some motherly intervention. She needed my advice and wisdom.

Dirty Talkers are Size Queens Too

When men treat women like shit, it is often because they overcompensate for their small dicks. My cute coed confessed that her man only had 4-inches, and I broke out laughing. Of course, he did. What else would he have, LOL. His fear of losing a girl out of his league made him treat her like shit. Well, not anymore. I put him in his place.

I took that coed home with me and fucked her with a dildo bigger than her boyfriend’s dick. And after I did, I believe she started to see the light after that. Tonight, she is coming over for more. But I have a surprise for her. I also invited and older man with a huge cock who knows how to treat the young ladies in and out of the bedroom. I may be a dirty phone sex woman, but I am also a teacher who enjoys teaching young girls about their sexual worth.

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