Dirty Talking Women on Thanksgiving Will Make You Grateful

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are here for you on Thanksgiving.  I love holidays. My entire family is with me. I have two sons and a daughter from my first marriage and a young boy and girl from hubby number two. On the holidays, we all come together. I love family fucking. I enjoy every one of my offspring solo, but when we can have a family orgy, that is a very special time. There will be lots of eating today and I am not talking about turkey! As the matriarch of my big incestuous clan, I believe everyone should eat my pussy and ass. I slaved away last night in the kitchen, so that everything would just need to cook today. While that big ass turkey is in the oven, my sons and daughters have been showing me how grateful they are that I am their mommy. Licks and nibbles up and down my mommy taint all morning, gave me a wet mommy pussy. After they ate me for hours, I let the boys stuff my mommy holes.  Boy gravy is the best gravy. My husband and I fed our baby girl his man gravy in her bottle when she was just itty bitty. That is how girls grow up to be cum guzzling whores like me who like mommy phone sex and fucking her offspring.

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