Dirty Talking Women! Or Rather, Teen!


dirty talking women

Every man enjoys a dirty talking women! But I am not only a dirty talking women, but a dirty talking teen! Sure dirty talking women are great because they have experience but I always trump that with my young voice and my horny eager attitude. All the Daddy’s love me! Being away from my Dad is hard for me so I am always trying to fill in the gap with other men that want to be my Daddy. They have all sorts of fantasies and I do too! I enjoy knowing that a man can call me and literally ask for anything and I will do it! I just love trying new things, or perfecting being a perfect little teen whore. I know I am a cute little hot teen slut that drives most men insane! The clothes I wear, the makeup and how I talk, it’s easy for me to get any man’s cock throbbing and dying to fuck my tight little bald cunt. It’s easy for me to do rape fantasies, daddy’s little girl ageplay, and accomplice type calls. I am much naughtier than I look! I stay wet really with all the masturbation I do while I am on the phone. I have toys on toys! Every man loves when I play the part and dress up and truly fuck my pussy! Or my ass or even my mouth…and sometimes all 3! I love being fucked like a slut, so it’s best when guys let out all their frustrations on me. Most of the time it makes me crème my panties and I mail them off to the latest guy who wants to smell my pussy juices on my sexy lil panties. Writing all of this down actually has turned me on! I am naked minus my panties and my puffy lil nipples are hard and horny! I think I’ll just start rubbing my clit thru my panties for now…

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