Dirty Talking Women Pimps

dirty talking womenDirty talking women can be bad ass mommies. I am a bitch in charge in my house. I run my husband and my brats. Not saying I don’t love them because I do. It is just my days of being a subby bitch are long gone. I have a family of jailbait hookers. My brood does what they are told. They may not like some of the men they have to fuck, but they like their money. We had a house party over the weekend. My little girls and I went to the home of a fat rich movie mogul. He likes young girls. He has the money to get what he wants, even if it is illegal. When you have money, you can get whatever you want. My girls did a sexy striptease for him as foreplay while he stroked his cock. My daughters were like his harem. They worshiped his cock. He was a fat old fuck, but he took a little blue pill. He had a hard cock and it was a decent size for his age. I watched them work together to make his cock as hard as it could be. The real fun was when he made each little girl his dick spinner. I watched my girls bounce up and down on his cock like it was a pogo stick. The got used up well. They didn’t mind being violated when they saw the bag of cash he gave us. They never do when the money is good.

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