Dirty Talking Women Prepare Young Girls for a Successful Life

dirty talking womenDirty talking women come in all ages. I am a mature dirty talker, and I am a naughty teacher and milf too. It is true that I am bisexual. I will play with pussy or cock. Some days, I get lucky, and I can play with both. I love helping a coed lose her virginity. Claire is this coed I started fucking in January. She had never been with anyone, male or female, when I met her in my classroom. She wanted to be the teacher’s pet, and there was no reason why I would not want that either. After a couple months of eating and rubbing each other’s pussies, I decided it was time to teach her how to take care of cock too. A smart woman will have sex skills to use with both genders. Life is not always fair to women, but knowing how to suck cock can get a woman out of trouble or push her to the head of the line. I had Bob come over this weekend so I could teach Claire how to handle a big cock too. Cock sucking skills are never overrated. I am a deepthroat blowjob extraordinaire. My nickname is Ms. Hoover. Now Claire can share that honor. I showed her how to milk a cock dry with her mouth, hands and tits. The knowledge schools give young girls needs to include pussy eating and cock sucking.  With those two skills, women can get whatever they want. This hot phonesex teacher knows the important skills for women to possess.

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