dirty talking women rule everything

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women rule everything. Im going to show you how my mouth gets me in some good trouble. When my mom started dating a new guy, he could see I was a slut. He wanted to hear all about me being a little cum whore, so he asked me what some of my dirty secrets were. I’m not a shy girl, so I let him in on so much. I began to tell him of me fucking my friend’s boyfriends and all my bosses from the past. It was no big deal to me to be transparent. It turned me on in more ways than one to let him in on my secrets because it showed me I could care less what anyone else thinks. If my mom found out I was talking dirty to her new man, It would infuriate her, but for me, it turned me on so much and made me so wet to be able to take my time into fucking her new man.

You know I’m a slut when I fuck anyone, man. my mom isn’t the exception


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