Dirty Talking Women Rule Your World

I know what you need and crave. The truth is Dirty Talking Women rule your fucking world. A girl that can say fuck and sound sexy doing it is awesome. It’s an erotic temptation for you to hear a bad girl with a dirty mouth get dirtier when in bed with you.

It’s a factual thing that we rule the world of timid lame men. Men like to be control freaks on the outer side, but be fucking real, it’s all a hoax. Men are weak fucklings. You are pathetic and ruled by your cock. That head is brainless and full of blood.

Your engorged sex member is what makes you weak for me. I’m very excited to own and rule you. You will be my slave and a good pussy licker if you want some pleasure. In fact I will tell you to drink my mother fucking piss and your cock will be throbbing hard and you will obey.

The dirtiest desires that drive you are going to be enjoyed with me. I’m a dirty mistress and will make you drink from my fountain of golden showers. Sitting on your face feeding you everything from cum to scat from my perfect pink asshole. Queening you is my best kind of fun and demeaning you as a little dick pervert loser is exciting for me.

Dirty Talking Women

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