Dirty Talking Women Scary Toni

Dirty Talking Women

I loved becoming one of the hottest, dirty talking women! I learned so many new tips and tricks for being the best little slut. I have for you the nastiest phone talk and I can give you whatever you need. Do you like toilet sluts? Or maybe you like dominant women? I wanna tell you every last dirty thing you want to hear so I can make cum for me and even with me. I have all of my toys ready to go for fucking myself in my tight and fresh cunt but don’t forget I have a bit of a dark side!

When you play with a girl, or more like a slut, with a twisted mind, you get a handful of fun, scary and hot orgasms! I want to blow your mind with my words and your cock with my mouth. I want us to be out in the dark where no one can see or hear us. We’re chasing my new girlfriend through the dense woods together with only the moon for light. I love the wetness I feel when we chase our prey together! When it’s time to catch up to her, we’re going to tear her apart!

As she trips over fallen branches and leaves, I jump on her naked body. I bite her neck to draw an iron taste to my tongue as you forcefully shove your tongue into her cunt. I hold her down to keep her from squirming too much and sit my bare cunt on her screaming face. You start to ram your cock into that young, virgin cunt. She’s screaming out all of her air as I smother her with my pussy, making myself cum on her face from the vibrations of her screams. But when I cum, I don’t stop smothering her. We let her scream out all the air in her lungs as you dump your load inside of h er and we leave her in the dark with nothing.

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