Dirty Talking Women Serve You

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are what you need. I know you do. All men want a whore in the bedroom and a Madonna in public. I am the whore in the bedroom type. I am an owned slave. My master is married to the Madonna. I am his whore. I have been his whore for 15 years. On Friday, he shared me with some of his friends. He rarely shares me, especially in the age of Covid. But it was alike a pre-game party. All his friends are old like him and married too. They were making bets on the game and reminiscing about past super bowls. I was wearing a thong, high heels and a collar. Not exactly business attire. I had been in a suit, but master thought I did not look like a slave in that. So, he stripped me down. I was vulnerable like that. Exposed to the men. They took advantage of it too. They grabbed my tits and slapped my ass hard. They forced me to suck their old gray-haired dicks. I even had to lick their old assholes. Not what I wanted to do at all, but when you are a slave, you do as you are told. I spend half a day servicing dirty old men. I hated it, but I am a good submissive whore. Master was proud of me and that is my goal every day. I would love to make you happy too.

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