Dirty Talking Women Sex With Strangers

Dirty Talking Women fuck where every they are. I was taking a greyhound since it was a last-minute trip. The bus was full and when i walked in all I saw was mostly men in the bus i sat down and was sitting next to a fine sex black man. I always show off my great big tits in anything I wear because I’m a mommy whore. I could see he was looking, and his cock was stirring in his pants. I was a bit horny so I used the blanket to cover my body so I could lift my skirt up and play with my cunt. I didn’t know if he could tell what I was doing but i didn’t care i was horny and i needed to cum. I suddenly felt another hand touch my leg and I looked over and he was looking straight at me. I spread my legs more and he slid his fingers in my wet mommy cunt.

Dirty Talking Women

As he fingered me, he got under the blanket too. That is when I just went for his pants and pulled his cock out. I was jacking him off and he was fingering my cunt on the bus until we heard an announcement talking about the next stop. We waited until everyone was off the bus so we could fuck. He bent me over the seat and pounded me hard with his big black cock and right when we both came. The bus driver popped back in the bus, catching us right in the act. He let us both know we would have to get off unless he got to bust his nut too. I just bent back over and spread my pussy with the nut dripping out of me. The bus driver slid right in my cunt hole and pounded me until his body shook. The rest of the ride I could feel their cum just dripping out of me. 

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