Dirty Talking Women Should Never Have Limits

dirty talking womenDirty talking women love to show off their big tits. I have two jobs. I am a phone bone babe. And I also strip for a living. I’ve been doing the phone thing for a decade now. However, stripping I started when I turned 18. So, half my life I’ve been in the adult industry. And I would not want it any other way. Since I never even finished high school, this might be the best money I can ever make legally, LOL.

Although I still strip, I moved into management at the club. Currently, I hire the new talent and oversee the girls. Recently, I hired a barely legal girl. But she possessed too much sass to make money. Still, I wanted to give her a chance. Men love a tight, tiny teen girl. She could fulfill men’s schoolgirl fantasies. So, I paired her in the VIP room with a very rich daddy. One who would help her lose her princess attitude.

In the Adult Industry, Girls Cannot Have Limits to Make Bank

For a stripper, she has too many rules. Girls with limits will never make bank. However, taboo phone girls can get rich quickly. This daddy will tip her well, but she must do a lot of things on her no no list to get it. I train girls to be greedy whores. If they cannot make themselves money, they cannot make the club money. So, I tested her with a wealthy patron who would make her work for every dime.

And boy did he. She had to lick his ass. And he made her do more too. He came on her face. Pissed on her titties. And had her crawling around on the ground begging for his money and his nut. But she made $4,000 just from him alone. Sure, she lost a little bit of her dignity. But I don’t see it that way. You lose your dignity when you cannot pay your rent and you end up homeless. The club or phone sex, neither should employ girls with silly limits or standards. I train girls to be like me. Dirty, greedy whores.

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