Dirty Talking Women Taking It In

They say my mouth is like a sailor and I suck like I am from the trailer as I love being one of the nastiest dirty talking women out there. I love to tell you how your slobber from your mouth needs to be dripping down my tits as you start sucking those nipples.

“Suck them like I’m your mommy feeding you milk from my engorged breasts as the spit falls down. Of course while you are in a sucking mood whether you like it or not.  Start eating mommy’s pussy!” I cream as I shove your head down until your are breathing in my sweat from the crevices of my vagina lips and the piss and cum juice left over trickling down there with it.

Dirty talking women

You quiver and moan as you go back to your position and look up at me pathetically before going to work.

I reach down and grab what I knew you were waiting for not so patiently.  “You like my new big huge dildo. I knew it would look like sharing this this mock dick as its

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