Dirty Talking Women Tell You How To Please Them

dirty talking womenDirty talking women know how to make men cum. When men I date find out what I do for a living, they become more turned on. Although most of my lovers have wives, I date single men too. But they both love how graphic I talk in the bedroom. For some reason, wives are not very vocal. I will never be quiet in bed. I love to tell men to eat my pussy and fuck my cunt. Plus, I am a moaner too.

The bedroom is the place to explore our fetishes and enjoy ourselves. And I want to tell men just how to please me. Because I want to cum too. Plus, I just love to talk dirty. I have the mouth of a sailor and a body built for sin. And trust me, that is the combination you want. Who wants to fuck a woman who lays there dead and quiet like a fish? No man I know. However, most men will settle for any pussy, I know they prefer a vocal woman.

When I first fucked Andy, he told me no woman ever told him what to do to make her cum. And he just had to assume he knew what she wanted. Women do themselves a disservice not telling men what they want. No two women cum the same way. So, when you and I hookup on a phone sex call, I promise to get loud and tell you how to pleasure me.

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