Dirty Talking Women Therapists

dirty talking womenDirty talking women like me make great phone therapists. I am a cock size queen and I have seen my share of tiny dicks sadly. I don’t want anything to do with small wieners. Been there, done that as the saying goes. I no longer act like a small dick does it for me when it doesn’t. I shame tiny dicks and sometimes when a loser doesn’t get the picture, I show him how small he is by fucking a big dicked man in front of him. Alex needed the wake up call of seeing just how small he was in comparison to the kind of men I usually fuck. Troy is my stud. He is happy to fuck me in front of any loser who thinks his dick is the best thing I could hope for. So many men live in the land of denial. Alex got himself handcuffed to a chair while he had to watch me take a huge 10 inch cock. Troy was twice as hung as Alex and had the cum I wanted, and the stamina women like me need. Alex got hard! I think he liked small dick humiliation, or maybe he just liked Troy’s big fat cock going in and out my fine pussy.

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