Dirty Talking Women To Phone Fuck

dirty talking women

 Adam didn’t think I was dirty enough for him when we matched. I told him that I just might be the nastiest fuck whore that he had ever run across. That poor man was trapped in a sexless marriage with his high school sweetheart and two kids in the suburbs. His dick needed something more than the sweet lady that he married could offer. Adam needed dirty talking women to fuck and jerk his cock with over the phone. I made him shoot so much cum on our first call that he didn’t know if he had it in him to fill my pussy the next day when we hooked up. It turns out that he sure did have enough cum.

  He was one of the best pussy eaters that I have ever been with. I told him I wished that he would teach his virtuous wife to eat my cunt and he lost his damn mind. We talked about me turning her into a pussy lover while I rode his big cock. His eyes went back in his head when I said I wanted to sit on her face with his load oozing out. Cum talk dirty with me.

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