Dirty talking women want to be fucked!

dirty talking womenDirty talking women want to be fucked, why else would we be talking dirty? Seems like a really easy concept to grasp right? Well some people are just oblivious! Here I was flirting like crazy, talking dirty and being super close and touchy feely with this guy and he just couldn’t take the hint! I’m a submissive woman so I don’t make the first move usually but this guy had me all worked up and wasn’t looking interested in me at all! I was almost desperate for his cock so I just threw all caution to the wind and just got on my knees in front of him so I could suck his dick. He was surprised that I was so bold but he wasn’t complaining when I started deep throating that dick! He told me that if I was going to act like a whore he’d treat me like one and roughly grabbed me up and tore off my soaking wet panties. He bent me over and fucked my pussy so hard and deep that I instantly squirted all over his dick! It was seriously that hottest fuck ever!

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