Dirty Talking Women were raised with family fuck

Dirty Talking Women have been in family fucking all their lives. That is what my daddy raised me in. Now I love incest fucking and getting a belly full of sperm from my offspring. Whenever I am in the mood to suck cock, I just go to one of my sons’ rooms. “Mommy needs to eat” I say to them. After years of grooming they do anything mommy wants. So I don’t have to help him pull his cock out.

I just get on my knees and start sucking his big son cock. My mom tits are big and juicy. Like ready to burst utters. Since I have been sucking his cock for a while I know what he likes and what gets him off. Therefore after taking his cock deep in my throat and rubbing on his balls, he sprays my mouth with a big load of thick young son cock sperm. “Mmm mommy loves to taste you” I moaned after swallowing every drop of cum you gave me.

Dirty Talking Women

All the cum you fed me and cock sucking you gave me, made my mommy cunt water. Luckily for me he is young so his cock stays hard. That is why I bent over and showed my wet cunt. “Come fuck mommy” I moan as I rub my clit. I even fuck my pussy back on my sons cock. Finally my pussy started to squeeze on your cock. My cunt squirting on my son’s cock made his balls tighten up. Then my son started to spray inside me and fill me up. My cunt and belly were full of my son’s cum and that is what I love. It is what I was raised on and it is what I raise my offspring to love as well.

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