Dirty Talking Women Who Love It Dirty!

dirty talking women


I’ve said it before and I will motherfuckin’ say it again – I am one of the most dirty talking women you will ever meet in your life. Men love it when you say really nasty shit to them while they are pounding your cunt or your asshole. I especially like it when I’m getting my ass fucked because that already makes me feel like a pretty dirty whore. Holding my ass cheeks apart while half the truckers in the state plow me is pretty freaking nasty, don’t you think? Sometimes they like to DP me and that really gets the filth flowing out of my mouth.

Fuck, now I’m even hornier than I was when I sat down to write this. I wasn’t even gonna go down to the truck stop today, but now I don’t think I have a choice. If I don’t, I’m just gonna end up leaving wet spots all over my furniture today. I wonder which holes they’ll wanna fuck me in? If I’m lucky, there will be enough truckers there to satisfy all three of my fuck holes. Maybe I’ll tell you all about it when you call me. Sound good? Don’t keep this dirty talking whore waiting!

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