Dirty Talking Women Who Take Charge

dirty talking women

It is a very good thing for you wannabe sissies that there are dirty talking women online who are willing to help you out with your sissy training. Without us, you would be freaking helpless, and you know it as well as I do! You need a strict Mistress like me to help you out with your makeup, clothes, and of course, learning how to take big dicks in your pussy. And just so you know, the training begins the minute I answer the phone. You are not going to say no to me, ever. If I give you an order, you should be ready and willing to do what I say.

Before you call me, you should at the very least be wearing a pair of frilly panties. I would strongly prefer that you have a dildo and some lube ready, also. But the most important thing you need to have is a willing attitude. I’m not the kind of Mistress you can jerk around. I will be in control from day one and that will never change. So, if you are up for becoming a real sissy, then you should get on the phone and give me a call now.

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