Dirty Talking Women Will Let You Dominate

Dirty Talking Woman like me like to be dominated. I have even been my master’s toilet. He will piss all over me and give me warm golden showers in the morning. When I am drenched ill suck and like his cock clean. When he comes home from a long day, I will give him a tongue bath.

Dirty Talking Women

My tongue will clean his balls and asshole until his cock is hard and throbbing. He loves smacking my face with his hard and dropping his balls in my mouth. If I am lucky, he will fuck me and fill me up with every drop of cum that is his balls. He tells me I am his worthless hole for his dick and that the only thing I will ever get from him is his punishments and his cum. I love knowing he blesses me in that way, and I am devoted to him. Whatever he asks for I will do and when he is not around, I will only have Dirty phone talk. No one else fucks me unless master approves.  

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