dirty talking women will make you blast

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women will make you blast. I have a potty mouth, and I embrace it to the core. My granny taught me all I know. She shows me how to be sexy along with my mom. We both are always fucking and enjoying men together.

I don’t have a regular schmegular, granny. Actually, I don’t even call her grandma—she’s far too young and hip and sexy to be a granny. I actually call Emmie. It’s a nickname, and no one can guess her age. Technically, she’s only 48, but it looks like she’s in her late 20’s. My mom looks only a few years older than me.

People always confuse us as sisters. It’s a wild thing, but there has been an ongoing joke in our family that the reason we have great genesis is because of our creamy obsession. Emmie has so many cum facials that my mom and I and my sisters enjoy the benefits of cum all over me.

The best feeling is the silky cum sleeping thru our faces letting it sit, and I love to taste it so much.

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