Dirty talking women will make you cum.

dirty talking womenI’m proud to be an open minded slut, one of those dirty talking women who isn’t afraid to ask for what I want. Maybe you’ll never call me a lady but you won’t turn down these big tits and wide open pussy. Maybe I am a white trash whore and an ass sucking freak, but you’ll never leave me with full balls. Toss me a few bucks and I’ll be your midnight special. I’m the overnight waitress at your local truckstop. Some call me a lot lizard. But why punish me just because I love to suck fat cock? You should put me on a pedestal, knowing I give out the hottest coffee and pussy in town. I could be the girl of your dreams, clad in my cute waitress dress, so short. You know I never wear panties underneath and you can smell the sex that exudes from my body. If you don’t mind sloppy seconds, just slip me a $20 and I’ll meet you out back for a quick fuck in your truck. Bareback please, cause I love the cum!!

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