Dirty Talking Women Will Take Your Balls

dirty talking womenDirty talking women can be sadistic bitches too. Take me for example. I do not do the traditional pillow talk. I am not your girlfriend. I am not your lover. I am not your whore. You are my victim or my accomplice. There is no gray area in between. I am primarily on a snuff site.  I am on it for a reason too. I have no sensor. Some sad sack, lovelorn loser starts saying he loves me, and I want to take his balls away from him. I do a lot of phone castrations, but you would be surprised how many guys I meet at Goth bars who think I will run off and marry them. I was at my local watering hole late last night. It is a Goth bar. This is not the bar where you will find cute coeds looking for sugar daddies. I had a stage 4 clinger though. He wanted to buy me drinks. I never let a man buy me drinks because he thinks that means I am obligated to fuck him. I do not let any man have power over me. I refused his drinks, but he still tried to make idle chit chat with me. Do I look like I do idle chit chat? When I shut the loser down, he tried to spike my drink. I do not let men drug me. I am too smart for that. I played along. Acted like I was drunk driving home. I knew he was following me. He pushed me into my house as I fake fumbled for my keys. He was my victim, not the other way around. As I laid on my bed acting drugged, I waited to get the upper hand. Once I turned the tables, I castrated him. He did not deserve balls. Nothing but a loser force fucker. I took his balls. Castrated him in my bed, in my house. I called the cops because I have cameras in the front of the house that would show him pushing his way in. I merely stopped a tool from sexually assaulting me. I will be a hero to women everywhere. He was carted off in handcuffs by ambulance. This loser lost his balls and maybe his freedom for years. No man ever wins against me.

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