Dirty Talking Women with Hairy Pussies

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women have hairy pussies. Hair is coming back into style. I was told the other day I had a nice retro bush. I almost lost it. I was laughing so hard. I think of my pussy as a classic beauty.  Before 1995 almost all women were what you call bushy beauties. I am proud of my pussy. It is a real woman’s pussy. I am all natural. I do not dye my hair. I do not Botox. I do not shave my pussy either. I may trim it, but I love being a novelty. I enjoy being a pleasant surprise to a young man who has only seen hairy beavers in old 70s and 80s porn. I picked up a high school boy the other day at the park. He was wanting some of what this phone sex milf was offering. I needed his cock. I sucked his cock, so he felt obliged to return the favor. Most young men do not know how to eat pussy, and here was this teen boy wanting to lick me back. Of course, I let him. I told myself, if he fucks it up, I can teach him some things.  When I pulled my panties off, he was amazed. He had not seen a woman with a hairy snatch except on old porn. He called my pussy, “So retro.” I told him the classic style never goes out of favor. He buried his tongue in my twat like he was looking for gold. Hot damn, it felt good. I enjoyed him. I enjoyed his young hard cock. I enjoyed his cunt licking skills. And I enjoyed his love for my retro hairy pussy. So, tell me. Do you enjoy a hairy beaver too? I bet my furry pussy reminds you of dear old mom.

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