Dirty Talking Women With No Limits

dirty talking women

Tons of men come online looking for dirty talking women to have a conversation with, and they find them. But not everyone is lucky enough to find me. Sure, fat sluts are a dime a dozen, but not all of them are truly no limits whores like me. If I’m not making you happy one hundred percent of the time, then I’m not happy either. I want your cock to be rock hard immediately when you even think of me in passing. You won’t even have to have me on the phone to get hard, but I know that you’ll call me as soon as you get excited.

What kind of things won’t your fucking wife do for you? She might not, but you know what? I will and I’ll thank you for the opportunity to please you. I don’t even care if you take the time to satisfy me. I’ll be touching myself while I do things to you, so you won’t even have to worry about me. You know that I’m your dream girl. You know you want to get on the phone now so I can show you what I can do for you. I’ll be waiting.

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