Dirty Talking Women Without Limits

dirty talking women

I honestly feel bad for men who don’t have dirty talking women in their lives. Do you have a wife or girlfriend who is boring in the bedroom? It doesn’t matter how hot she is if she just lies there like a dead fish and doesn’t say anything while you’re fucking her. How in the world could that possibly get you off? That’s the kind of behavior that is going to cause you to get on the phone and call a hot phone sex slut like me. And trust me, baby… I can take care of you over the phone better than she can in person.

For starters, I’m WAY hotter than she is. I know that without even seeing her. And I can guarantee you that I am much more kinky and my mind is more filthy than hers. Do you have a taboo fantasy that she would probably leave you for? Ugh, what a prude. I encourage those kinds of things and I want you to tell me your deepest and darkest desires. So are you ready to talk dirty with me? I’m here and I’m ready to give you everything you have ever wanted. Let’s do it!

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