Dirty talking women

dirty talking women

So just the other day I was passing by my sons room. I did not think he was ready to start masturbating and doing what I do with the rest of my boys, but surprisingly he is ready for mommy to start loving him in more ways other the snuggles.

I creeped up on his room and I saw him stroking his cock that was throbbing hard. Only two problems with this- one he is doing it wrong, and two I am not there. He is doing it wrong since he needs mommy to do it for him, so that leads us back to number two.

I go in his room and explain to him that it is only natural, but mommy needs to take care of it for him. I slowly put my mouth on his cock and I feel him grow towards the back of my throat. He starts pulsating and I feel precum leaks right on to my taste buds.

I tug his cock one last time and it bust a big fat load right on my tongue. I show him and stick my tongue out. I can not wait to teach him so much more. All of this just makes my mommy pussy drip down to my knees.

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