Disturbing the Peace with Dirty Phone Talk

Dirty phone talk got me into this mess and my cock sucking mouth got me out!

I love being a no limits phone sex slut!

A lot sluts just moan a bit and say some dirty words…a few ‘oh yeah babies’ and you are left with your hard cock in your hand and out twenty bucks!

Dirty Phone Talk

But I love getting the toys out, fucking myself good and hard while we are swapping erotic sex stories!

Of course I want that hard cock to explode, leaving you paralyzed from an energy sucking orgasm!

But you make me scream too!

And with the weather warmer, I tend to leave my windows open…that is where the trouble began!

Some jealous ho (who probably isn’t getting any), called the cops because I was being too loud!

So here I am, my dildo 8 inches deep in my wet cunt, having the best fantasy phone sex with a kinky guy, about to cum for the second time when suddenly, the po po is banging on my door!

Now you know I am holding so I wasn’t eager to stop this erotic orgasm to invite them in for tea!

Then it was coming and I couldn’t stop it!

My tight cunt was squirting clear across the room when they busted the door in!

They knew a hot slut like me would be perv bate in a cell so the did me a solid!

I did a little get outta jail free cock sucking and they looked the other way!

It isn’t like I didn’t love taking every inch of those meaty hard cocks against the back of my throat! And I don’t think that cum covered night stick will ever get clean!

Say what you want about the cops, but they are happy to lend a cock to a loud dirty phone sex slut!

I fucking Love Disturbing The Peace!

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