Ellen’s Dirty phone talk about piss

Dirty phone talk

I had a very Dirty phone talk the other day. Josh wanted a nasty slut with a cum filled cunt to be his slave for the night. I was more than willing to lick the shit off his boots when I saw him. He was big and talk. His muscles had muscles! His jaw was so chiseled I was soaking my panties just thinking about him licking my tight cum filled cunt! I wanted to be his dirty cum slut and do what ever he wanted me to do. He grabbed me by the back of my neck and pulled me to my knees. He pulled his throbbing hard cock out and rubbed it against my lips. I opened my mouth to let that big thick cock in… but he started to piss in my worthless whore mouth. He emptied his bladder into my mouth. I loved drinking his piss and having the warm golden piss run down my body! I love being his piss whore! 

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