Fat Dirty Talking Women

dirty talking women

Hello, sexy! My name is Cherrie and I’m one of those dirty talking women that you can say anything to! Yes, I’m talking about those taboo things you think about late at night when nobody else is around. Is it something that you’re just afraid of someone finding out about, like the fact that you wear panties while you jerk off? It’s okay! I love sissies and I can help you feel sexy in your own skin. I might even talk you into taking a strap-on in your ass. Maybe you didn’t even realize you wanted that, but once you do it, you’ll feel so fucking good that you’ll do it over and over again! That’s fun, but maybe you have something more devious in mind. Do you have something so fucked up in your head that you’ve always been scared to say it out loud to another person? I am your girl if you said yes to that question. Let’s have some really nasty phone fucking while you tell me your innermost thoughts. I promise I won’t judge, but I will be joining in and masturbating right along with you! Are you ready for some really kinky fun? Let’s play.

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