Filthy Dirty Talking Women

dirty talking women

When I first started cussing like it was a hobby (maybe because it is?), boys would act shocked to hear the words that I would fire off at the drop of a hat. But, listen, I like what I like. I don’t need some dick looking at me like a hottie with a filthy mouth isn’t their wet dream come true. So, ok, act like you’re offended; I know you’re dripping at the tip of your aching hard dick. You’re a mother fucking pussy hound, and you know it gets me wet to talk nasty trash to you. All of you mother fuckers pop wood for dirty talking women.

As I get more and more into finger-blasting my drenched pussy, I get more loosely lipped and open holed. I can’t keep my mouth shut without a fucking big ass slab of your fuck stick shoved down my cum chute. If you don’t plug it, I’ll be popping off goddamns, and mother fucking cum drinking jizz brat will come out as I fist fuck my drippy sperm hole. Is your goddamn mother fucking dick ready to blast a salty ass nut into my vag? I’ll be your dirty talking dream girl.

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