Getting Down and Dirty With Dirty Talking Women Who Crave Your Cum

Dirty Talking WomenDirty talking women are enough to make most guys erupt the cum pent up in those full balls of yours and ready to explode onto or into whomever the lucky guy or girl of your choice is.  You love a slut with a filthy mouth and that goes for not only how many cocks you see a whore like me shove deep down my throat as I gag, spit, jack and suck the life out of it, the life of course being that creamy golden white juice that I crave and I can only get it from cocks and balls.

I love telling you to give me all of you.  Immediately, You thrust your hard cock deep into my tight cunty hole without any foreplay or warning; I love it rough and fast. My pussy walls clench around your dick like a vice grip as I moans uncontrollably while begging for more. You grab onto those perky tits of mine  and squeeze them roughly as if they were just two giant playthings meant for your pleasure alone.

As sweat drips down both of our bodies from the intense fucking session, I reach between your legs to play with your cock myself.  Its throbbing intenesely leaking pre-cum as I stroke and pull it towards me. I start to strokes your cock faster and harder as I watch it grow even bigger than before; soon enough, I feel like you are going to explode and I am happily taking every last drop of your hot cum all over my face and in my mouth like the dirty little slut you know I am.  I swallow every drop greedily, savoring the taste of your seed on my tongue while looking up at you. Don’t you love when we have our dirty phone talk time?

Talk dirty to me bayyybiee!

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