Girls Talking Dirty Makes You Hard

girls talking dirty

Guys get so turned on by girls talking dirty. Whenever I go out with my friends I love to tease them and whisper the naughtiest things in their ear. Their jaws drop every time they hear my sweet lips telling them how badly I want to get on my knees and suck their cock until they explode. I can see their cock twitching in their pants thinking about showering my sexy body with their warm creamy load. I’ve always loved to tease all the boys and I giggle every time I see how easy it is to make a guy rock hard right there in public when I lean over to his ear and whisper that I want him to pound his nice thick cock into my tight wet pussy. I love to cum, so sometimes I let guys take me home and actually get a taste of my little cunt if they’re lucky. Teasing and pleasing cocks are my favorite things to do. It’s a kinky little game that always makes my sweet young pussy dripping wet.

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