Guide Me

dirty talking women You aren’t the only one that likes to hear dirty talk. I love it too.
I want to lay back and pull my panties to one side exposing my brown pussy lips before spreading them and showing you the pretty pink that is calling your name.
Please don’t touch me yet. Just sit there and rub your cock slowly as you tell me what you like.
“Rub your pussy my little slut. Not so fast, I want to enjoy this. Slowly rub it in small circles. Ahhh, yes, just like that. Can you feel your nipples getting harder? Watching them grow is driving me mad you little slut. Look how wet your pussy is getting. Oh how I want to taste it. But I know you want to feel my mouth on you so I will wait. Slide your fingers into that slick cunt of yours. No not one my pet, two, slide two fingers inside. Work them in and out slowly, Tease that pussy, go nice and slow. What a good little whore you are. You know I am not going to let you cum yet. Teasing that pussy is fun and it is so much better when I am making you do it to yourself. When I think you have had enough, I will fuck you, slut. I will knock the bottom out of that whorish ass of yours and you will beg me for more.”

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