Hardcore Taboo Dirty Phone Talk

Dirty Phone Talk

Hookers do make the best dirty phone talk sluts if I must say so myself. I already am a druggy nasty girl. I know that any taboo you throw at me. I am a coke and cum whore galore. I know what I love, and I love dirty men who come to me with the raunchiest fantasies. I have very few limits in real life. And on the phones, I have zero! In real life, I wouldn’t want to be snuffed out, but I find it erotic as I take a big fat line of cocaine to be killed by your hands. To know that you came to making this real-life whore a dead worthless cunt! I make my living selling my ass either on the stripper pole or hooking on the streets! I also am part of the dirty talking woman online who need the nastiest fantasies to get off with while we do our phone sex calls. I am a piss slut, and toilet whore who does not shy at puking vides or scat porn as we talk about the nastiest real-life situation, I got myself in. Your cum load is my number one goal. The men who use me for gangbangs or impromptu slave training. I will submit to the longings of cock. I like to have my ass fucked so hard that my prolapse becomes a thing of your fetish. You love to see that creamy cum dripping from my ass rose! As I said, I am a true no taboo whore, I have been an accomplice and brought my baby girl to men for money, as well as been the little teen virgin who needs daddies big cock. Mostly you will find that my family fun memories are what gets your cock off as we do line after line of booger sugar together!

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