He can’t resist dirty talking women

dirty talking womenMy math teacher is totally failing me and it sucks! I don’t want to do all that extra work to bring up my grade so I figured I would do something a little different. I heard from the grapevine that he can’t resist dirty talking women, any time you get a little dirty with him he gets a super hard dick and it’s got him in trouble several times already. I knew what I had to do, he’s old and not cute at all but I need to pass his class so I waited until after class and stayed back so I could talk to him alone. I hopped right up on his desk and told him that I heard he liked young pussy like mine and spread my legs a little so he could see my panties. He turned bright red and mumbled that he had to go but I just blocked his way and whispered in his ear that I had a wet juicy pussy just waiting for a man like him. He sat down at his desk and tried to hide his hard cock but he couldn’t, I wouldn’t let him hide it. I just spread my legs further open and told him that if he passed me in class he could have all this pussy and that finally broke his will. He pulled out a surprisingly large cock and shoved it in my wet pussy and fucked me right there on his desk. It was so hot because anyone could have walked in at any moment! He fucked me till we both came and then fixed my grade so it was awesome!

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