He loves dirty talking women

dirty talking womenMy neighbor loves dirty talking women, I know because he calls me twice a week! Funny thing is tho, he has no idea that I live down the street from him! I can’t believe we have never run into each other, I mean he has seen my pictures online he knows what I look like and all the dirty things I do but he has no idea we live so close! Honestly its so hard to maintain my professional distance from him too cus he is hot and sexy and likes all the same sexual shit that I like! Do you know how hard it is to not go down to him house and sit on his face??? I’m not allowed to do that tho and it sucks! Oh well, at least I can get off with him on the phone every week, its so hot to me that he is so close but so far away. I bet if we fucked for real it would be amazing!

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