He Wanted To Blackmail Me W/ Dirty Phone Talk

So, he thought he could blackmail me with Dirty phone talk when he found out I was turning tricks at the strip club I worked at secretly. I say secretly as my sugar daddy Karl would not put up with such and he buys me everything I need, but I also keep my coke addiction on the downlow with him. He pays for my schooling, condo, convertible Mercedes and all of my other essentials and is the best setup for this sugar baby ever. He isn’t around a lot and that is perfect for me, he has a nice cock and fucks me good, but I have needs and these needs require real cock many times a day. I need to taste that cum and feel it explode inside of me. I want my pussy stuffed with cum and cum dripping out of my ass. I want facials and ass shots; I love cock and that is all there is to it. So, when his colleague saw me working at the Diamond Club, he was curious. I was high as fuck and did not realize he was the one that he was one of the guys I met at the party Karl had a few weeks ago, evidently he didn’t forget me and he wanted to blackmail me after I gave him the best blowjob of his fucking life, fucker tipped me a G and that always tickles my g-spot! So, when he wanted to cause damage to my lifestyle the only thing I could do is some reverse manipulation, and I can be a master manipulator when the time calls for it.

Dirty Phone Talk

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